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As you sit in front of camera, you may be worried about how your hair looks, if the outfit is right, or perhaps even if you have something in your teeth!

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For the most part, taking, storing, and sharing photos in very high resolution is easier than ever, and every year, it seems to become even easier. For a long time it was a more difficult process, but technology has improved so quickly, it should now be the norm — yet, it still goes ignored by some bands and artists.

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Whether it be with a professional-grade în ceea ce privește opțiunile atunci or a cellphone, shooting in hi-res requires nothing more than a quick change in settings. These pictures take up a lot of space, which is why storing and sharing them used to be an issue, but finding space in online storage lockers, on computers, and so on is simple now, as is sharing them with anyone who may want excellent quality pictures of you.

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Hi-res photos will come in handy at many points, so you need to make sure you not only have them, but that you stick to using only them. Horizontal I find myself running into this issue as a journalist quite often, and I am continually shocked.

A quick look at most, if not all of the major music magazines and blogs shows you that they almost always use horizontal photos.

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I constantly ask managers and public relations people for this kind of photo, and far too often I am met with the answer that no such images are available. This ce sunt înainte și opțiuni very frustrating, as it means sometimes I need to clip a provided option, or that I need to search for something else. Perhaps four or five different images per campaign or era would work best.

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Proper Credit Again, this should almost be a given at this point, but I run into this issue so often, I take any opportunity to beg people to consider this during their next photo shoot. Whenever a major publication uses an image, attribution must be provided.

Cohesiveness Chances are the next time you pose for a photo shoot, it will be because you have something new to share with the world.

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As you craft your album, you should also be thinking about all aspects of this segment of your life, and everything should fit together smoothly. The underlying theme may be a color, a certain style, or maybe one special accessory or haircut. This is music marketingand cohesiveness will help you build up your work and make your album more than a collection of songs, but rather an entire period in what is likely an illustrious career.

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Hugh McIntyre  writes about music and the music industry and regularly contributes to Forbes, Sonicbids, and more.